Sphinx is an interesting character. He comes up to us for
attention all the time, a door greeter when ANYONE comes.
He also LOVES water. Whenever you fill the water dishes
(from a water jug) He follows you to each and every dish,
puts his paw into the water stream and licks it or puts his
mouth right to the flow of water. He would LOVE one of
those inexpensive water fountains in his new home, although
I'd put it on linoleum so the water can be wiped up!  He's a
sweet playful boy who just wants love and affection. He  gets
along great with other kitties. We are all dumbfounded that
Sphinx has never been adopted in the three years he's been
waiting, because he's SUCH a great cat! He follows my dog
around when I bring her to the kitten shack!
Can Sphinx groom you
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