I got a call from a neighbor in July 2013 about an injured stray. I could tell that her foot was pretty badly
injured but not much else. For days I tried to trap her, she'd come within 4 ft of me and do "attention
rolls" on the ground but never let me come closer. We had tried every kind of bait imaginable and nothing
enticed her, until the neighbor threw in a chicken tender and she went right in.
We got her right into the vet where one toe was missing and 2 others were broken. She was scared but
friendly and tolerant at home, but acted feral at the vet, so they couldn't do the rewraps as often as they
needed to. She had to have 3 surgeries for removing dead tissue and getting new stitches. At one point
they thought they were going to have to amputate. Luckily, they allowed me to do the rewraps at home. She
allowed me to hold her paw in betadine water and anything else I needed to and she promptly got better.
You can't tell anything happened unless you look closely, but on one foot she has only 4 toes and 2 of them
had to be declawed because they were unable to retract anymore and were preventing her foot from
Kitter Katter
PitaPata Cat tickers
Kitter Katter is being fostered at my house. She doesn't
really get along with two of my dogs(she's fine with one) so
she waits until the second they aren't around and hops up
for attention. If I'm lying down and don't respond she rubs
all over my feet.
She really deserves a home where she can get lovins all the
time. She's okay with other cats when they are okay with
her.  She's just such a sweetie, well behaved and just
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